Your weekly moment of Zen

Your weekly moment of Zen

Natural Well Being

The Laois People asked me to write a weekly short column to inspire, provoke or enhance a sense of ‘well being’ for their readers on the new website  A simple request to be “thought provoking”? “Well, all we can do is try. Our natural life itself is simple. It is only us who makes it so complicated!”

Your moment of Zen

Your moment of Zen: Make time for yourself! Photo courtesy of

‘Well being’ is living in the present moment and feeling ‘well’ in your ‘being’, your whole self, now. It comes from living in and accepting the present moment as ‘All’ there is. The more you experience the present moment the greater the experience of ‘well being’ you feel. Does that inspire you? But to live in the present moment means what?

To live within each moment you breathe is to fully experience each moment by quieting everything else for that moment and directing your concentration, your energy, to what you are doing in that moment. Allow everything else in life, past and future, what has been and what you think will be, to be put aside whilst you experience the moment. The moment is now! This is the moment, not in a minute or tomorrow or next year sometime. It is now. You are living the moment now so experience with all your being, all your senses, what you are experiencing. As you read these words allow them to resonate in you, open your senses to where you are, what you are, what you are experiencing, what emotions are being stirred, what is my body doing, what do I feel, what am I experiencing? And don’t forget to breathe.

As you focus on each moment, each breath, with all of your energy, you start to absorb and understand the basic belief that ‘All is well’. All is always well! You experience the feeling of ‘well being’.

“All is well!”

Simon Rogers,

Natural Health Therapist, Blackhill Woods Retreat, Abbeyleix, Co Laois

087 696 4535