Your weekly moment of Zen

Your weekly moment of Zen

Natural Well Being

“The radiance of One”

In the beginning God created the Earth from the spirit of God’s feminine self to love, grow and nurture all God’s creations. God created the skies from the spirit of God’s masculine self to hold, protect and love the Earth. God then chose the brightest golden spark of his creativity within that would forever dance and sing to the rhythm of his love for the Earth and Sky.

We are one

We are one

God chose this special golden spark of creation for a unique purpose because of its abundance of devotion to radiating God’s love.

God divided the golden spark into two new energies, one to be the Sun that will shine its love and energy upon the Earth during the daytime and one to be the Moon to reflect the Sun’s love and energy for the Earth in the darkest of nights.

Alas as God divided this special golden spark from within, the Sun did not shine and the Moon was but a dull image in the sky aching for the love of the Sun.

God asked the Sun and Moon why they now did not shine their love upon the Earth as was intended. The Sun and Moon both replied that they were once whole and celebrated the eternal oneness of love within but now they had been divided. Their other half was now at the opposite side of the Earth and they would never be one again.

God smiled and held the Sun and the Moon within Gods Love. You are the Sun and the Moon. You dance and sing to your own unique rhythm as one because you are one within me. Your love will radiate and shine upon the Earth because you are also the Earth as it also is within me. Your love will radiate and shine upon each other because you are One together with All there is. As day follows night, as season follows season, you will dance and sing together as One and radiate my love for the Earth and for being One with the Earth. Let you be the example for All to see how my Love is eternally One. With this knowledge All will shine, All will radiate, All will find peace and love within me for All is One within.

We are all one

We are all one

And so knowing of God’s wish the Sun shone its radiance of love upon the Earth during the day and the Moon reflected its love to illuminate the Earth on the darkest nights as a symbol of their love for each other as One and God’s Love for All as One.

“You are the Sun and I am the Moon. I am the Sun and you are the Moon. We are One together within God’s Love.”

Simon Rogers,

Blackhill Woods Retreat, Abbeyleix, Co Laois 087 696 4535

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