Your weekly moment of Zen

Your weekly moment of Zen

Natural Well Being

“Your spirit is unlimited, ‘YOU’ are unlimited!”

You create your experiences of this world. You create everything in your life that is directly associated with you, directly attached to you. Life is a reflection of you. You create each experience, each moment that you breathe. You are responsible for creating your experiences and what you can create is unlimited, there are no boundaries, no limitations to what you can create. You have infinite energy to create.

Your moment of Zen

Your moment of Zen: Make time for yourself!

It’s a hard one to get the head around! We have infinite energy to create our experiences? There IS infinite energy that IS creating our experiences now. Now in this moment we are all creating how we experience our life, our world and our relationships with all in life. When this realization sinks in to the mind, in to the ego and becomes our main belief about our true self then the possibilities are endless. The true channel of infinite energy comes from focusing. Focusing your entire being, all your energy, on creating what you want to experience opens up the flow of infinite energy in you.

Most of us have heard of meditation and the benefits of quieting the mind for health and well being. There have been many names and labels associated with meditation, different practices, different points of view, different ways to approach the practice. The one basic, fundamental aspect of Meditation is to focus, focus on one feeling, one experience or one subject whatever way you practice it. It is the focusing that brings the flow of infinite energy into creating the experience fully.

So what do you want to experience now? Focus on one experience that brings you fully into your present moment, whatever you are doing. Focus on that feeling, experience or activity now and allow all of you to experience it. If you want to change what you are feeling then focus on the change that you want. You and only you create how and what you experience in this life from the present moment, which is now. Focus on what you are doing throughout your day to the best of your abilities. If you are driving, then focus on driving only. If you are relaxing, then focus on relaxing only. If you are picking up the kids from school, then focus on picking up the kids from school only, nothing else just what you are doing in the present moment. By focusing on each moment throughout your day, you are focusing on being present and alive, fully experiencing all that you want to experience in life. Focus on creating what you want to experience, now.

Simon Rogers,

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