Your Weekend Weather

Your Weekend Weather

Friday, 10 January, 2020 __ Forecasts for Ireland courtesy of Ireland Weather Online.

TRENDS for the week of 10 to 16 January 2020

— Temperatures will average near normal values.
— Rainfall will average slightly above normal values (100 to 125 per cent).
— Sunshine will average slightly above normal values (100 to 125 per cent).


TODAY will gradually turn rather windy and milder by afternoon and evening, with occasional rain, south to southwest winds increasing to reach 60 to 90 km/hr, and highs 9 to 12 C.

TONIGHT will be windy and temperatures will remain near 10 C, with occasional rain (about 5-10 mm amounts in total are expected).

SATURDAY will start out mild with further rain in the morning, then a cold front will move across the country with potential for a squall line to develop, and colder temperatures by afternoon. Temperatures will drop from 10 to about 5 C, and there could be 10-15 mm rainfalls in some eastern counties. Winds will become westerly 50 to 80 km/hr.

SUNDAY will be a bright but rather cold day with passing mixed wintry showers on some higher terrain, mostly rain or hail showers at lower elevations. Lows near 2 C and highs 5 to 7 C.

MONDAY will be windy with rain, heavy at times, and some potential for hill snow or sleet in parts of Connacht and Ulster. Despite a southerly wind direction, it may not feel very mild at 7 or 8 C, lower temperatures possible in parts of the north. Winds will be gusty and in the range of 60 to 100 km/hr.

TUESDAY another disturbance will approach and could bring even stronger winds at times, southwest 70 to 110 km/hr, with more rain or showers. Highs will be 7 to 9 C.

WEDNESDAY will also be rather windy with passing showers and highs 7 to 9 C.

THURSDAY is a day to watch as several models show potential for an intense storm to develop with potential for damaging southwest to west winds. There is still time for this to change to a better outcome. Temperatures would be around 8 C.

The outlook would then be for somewhat improved weather more dominated by higher pressure, staying rather mild for January.