Weekend Weather Update

Weekend Weather Update


Dangerous driving conditions.

Currently, two bands of rain are located across the country, with the rain being associated to a cold front which is set to introduce even colder air over the coming days. The bands of rain will gradually clear eastwards during the afternoon and evening, being replaced instead by some heavy, blustery showers. As the rain continues eastwards clear skies further west will expand to all areas. Under clear skies temperatures are expected to plunge to as low as -2 or -3 degrees Celsius.

Laois weather update

Your local weather here!

With many road surfaces already wet/damp it looks as though ice will be a major issue on any road surfaces which are untreated. The weather itself over night will remain showery, especially across the western half of the region. The showers will be heavy and possibly thundery, and will be of a wintry mix even at lower levels. Some falls of sleet and snow are even possible over slightly higher ground. Do certainly take care if you are traveling on the roads across the Midlands tonight and tomorrow morning.

Thanks to Cathal at Midland Weather Channel for this update. Click here for Cathal’s page.