Weekend Weather Forecast

Weekend Weather Forecast

FRIDAY JUNE 19th: Overcast at first, patchy mist or drizzle soon clearing and some sunny spells developing. Mild and humid with highs reaching 19c to 21c in light westerly breezes. OVERNIGHT: Becoming overcast with some local patches of mist or drizzle, but amounts small, if any. Lows of 10c or 11c in light west breezes. Humid.

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What has the weather in store for us?

SATURDAY JUNE 20th: Overcast with patchy mist and drizzle or light rain, again amounts small if any. This will clear quickly during the morning as brighter and fresher conditions spread from the west. Sunny spells developing in the late morning and afternoon with highs reaching 18c to 20c in light west to southwest breezes. There is a small chance of a light shower or two during the day. OVERNIGHT: Mostly clear and turning cooler than previous nights. Lows of 6c to 9c in light west to northwest breezes.

SUNDAY JUNE 21st: A day of sunny spells and a small chance of a few light showers in a moderate northwest breeze. Fresher with highs of 17c to 19c. OVERNIGHT: Clearing skies and turning notabley cool with lows of 4c to 7c in light NW breezes.

OUTLOOK: More unsettled into next week as the weather becomes more showery. A chance of a heavier spell of rain early next week before a dry day or two around midweek which in turn will give way to showers developing towards the end of next week. A lot of uncertainty at the moment, but low pressure looks set to dominate much of the coming week… more on this later. Weather on Laois People courtesy of Laois Weather.