Weekend Weather Forecast

Weekend Weather Forecast

Thursday, 22 August, 2019

Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS for the week of 22 to 28 August, 2019

— Temperatures will average 2 to 3 deg above normal.
— Rainfall will average about 50% of normal.
— Sunshine will average near normal, varying from slightly below average in the west, to just a little above in the east.


TODAY will remain rather cloudy except for some sunny breaks in the south by mid-day and afternoon. Some rather persistent light rain or drizzle will come and go in central and northern counties, only 2 or 3 mm accumulation (intermittent wiper conditions). This damp Atlantic flow while rather warm will be moist with mist or hill fog in places. Highs near 21 C except a little higher in parts of the inland south where the sun breaks through, possibly 24 there.

A look at the weekend’s weather

TONIGHT will be muggy and mild with fog and mist at times, but less of the light rain or drizzle especially over central counties, with lows around 12 to 14 C.

FRIDAY will bring some intervals of warm but hazy sunshine, still rather misty in areas near the south and west coasts with sea fog possibly drifting some distance inland at times. Highs 22 to 25 C.

SATURDAY will see the hazy and warm conditions persisting in the east and south, while west and north become overcast with occasional light rain moving inland at times from a rather persistent base near the outer west coast. Highs will range from 18 C west to 23 C east.

What has the weather got in store?

SUNDAY will bring a somewhat fresher westerly flow but later in the day it will begin to turn misty again in western and northern areas. Continued rather warm with highs 20 to 23 C.

MONDAY should hold on to the warm and basically dry weather with just a chance of rain in the northern coastal fringes, highs 21 to 25 C.

TUESDAY will continue warm in most areas with a slight cooling trend for the northwest as weak fronts begin to develop and move slowly southeast, highs for most 22 to 25 C but 17 to 20 C in the northwest.

How is weather shaping up?

The OUTLOOK, while somewhat uncertain, calls for a gradual cooling trend with occasional showers but also some brighter and fresher conditions with highs 18 to 21 C leading into the final weekend of the month (31 August into 1 September). Eventually this spell could turn quite cool for a day or two as winds turn more to a northerly direction by about Monday 2nd.

My local weather was sunny and hot for most of the day on Wednesday, highs near 33 C, with cloud spreading in by late afternoon and some sporadic light rain with little accumulation but strong southwest wind gusts at times reaching 80 km/hr, now it has become calm and is currently about 20 C and muggy.

— Peter for IWO

Thanks to Irish Weather Online for their forecasts.