Weekend Weather Forecast

Weekend Weather Forecast

Tuesday, 14 May, 2019  Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS for week of 14 to 20 May

— Temperatures will average 1 or 2 deg above normal.

— Rainfall will average about 10-15 mm, a little below normal but above 50%.

— Sunshine will average near normal, 5 to 6 hours a day.


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TODAY will feature hazy sunshine and warm temperatures of 19 to 23 C except near some south and east facing coasts where sea breezes may hold down the maximum temperatures to 16 C.

Thanks to IWO for their forecasts

TONIGHT will be hazy with lows 5 to 10 C.

WEDNESDAY will continue warm with sunny intervals, highs 19 to 23 C, but cooler once again near south and east coasts.

THURSDAY will bring a mixture of cloud and sunshine, isolated showers, and highs 17 to 20 C.

FRIDAY will be cloudy with a few brighter intervals mainly in Ulster and north Leinster, and highs will be near 17 C with rainfalls of 5 to 10 mm expected.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK is for partly cloudy skies both days, some scattered showers but a fair amount of dry weather too. Highs in the normal range of about 15 to 17 C.

NEXT WEEK is looking similar to the weekend for a few more days, then turning cooler later in the week in northerly breezes.

This Week’s Weather Forecast

My local weather was sunny with increasing cloud and warm highs near 27 C. This should be the end of our warm spell with a drop in temperatures already underway, isolated showers moving north to south. In general the weather pattern across North America is rather bland at this point with not much severe storm activity given that this is the height of the severe storm season.

— Peter for IWO