Weekend Weather Forecast

Weekend Weather Forecast

The latest run of weather models over the past number of days have become increasingly more confident that a major cold spell is likely to grip the country through much of next week. A large anticyclone is expected to become established in the North Atlantic, West of Ireland, cutting off the usual mild,wet South Westerlies which had been established across the country since October really.

With the mild air to the West cut off bitterly cold Arctic air is expected to sink Southwards across the country really from Sunday onwards, with the worst of the conditions not fully expected to set in until the middle of next week.

Thanks to Rowler Dooley for his video showing snow falling in Camross on Jan. 7th 2016.

Temperatures by day during this period will struggle to reach above freezing indeed with many areas seeing temperatures remain sub-zero even during daylight hours. The temperatures during the night will plummet widely across the region with values expected to reach as low as -7 or -8 degrees Celsius. Some snowfall is expected through this period also, and where the snow accumulates and lies temperatures by night may reach as low as -10 or even -11 degrees Celsius. This has the potential to possibly rival the cold spell of 2010/11 if the Anticyclone to the West keeps the mild Atlantic air at bay.
For those of you who may live in rather isolated areas it may be advisable to ensure that you have sufficient heating supplies and if there are any elderly members of the community living nearby who may not be able to reach the local shop, it would be advisable to check in with them to ensure of there well being.
If you would like any further specific details on the expected cold spell then please feel free to comment below or message the page privately and I will reply as soon as possible.
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