Weekend Weather

Weekend Weather

During the course of tomorrow Ireland will experience a major change in weather conditions with Arctic air becoming established across the country. The day itself tomorrow will begin dry and bright across the region, however during the day heavy showers will begin to push south eastwards across the region, with some of the showers turning wintry. Indeed some of the showers will fall as snow across the higher ground of the Midlands. Highs tomorrow afternoon ranging between just 4 and 6 degrees Celsius. During Friday night as skies clear, frost is likely to form in any sheltered areas, with a risk of some icy stretches on the roads.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

To remain frigidly cold for rest of week!


Saturday will be a very cold day across the Midlands with a fresh to strong Northerly wind making temperatures feel even colder. The day itself will be showery in nature especially across the North Midlands. Further South the showers will be less frequent with some good sunny spells possible. The showers where they do occur will fall as a mixture of hail and sleet, with some snow likely across the higher ground, where some accumulations are possible. Highs on Saturday of just 3-5 degrees Celsius. Saturday night will be cold with clear skies and a widespread frost in all areas of the Midlands. Ice stretches are likely on the roads, and extreme caution is advised.

Sunday will be a reasonably dry and bright day across the region with all areas enjoying some crisp sunshine. Early morning frost will clear slowly and the day itself will remain dry throughout. Feeling cold again however with highs between 4-6 degrees Celsius. Cold again on Sunday night with a widespread frost and some ice stretches likely.

If you would like any specific forecasts then please feel free to message the Midland Weather Channel page here. Weather Forecast courtesy of Cathal @ Midland Weather Channel.