Weekend Weather

Weekend Weather

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Farming conditions are set to deteriorate across the majority of the country over the coming 10-14 days as the exceptionally dry spell continues unabated in many areas. The east of the country will be worst affected, where drought conditions are expected to develop before the weekend. Western areas will see some rain over the weekend, though amounts will vary and soil moisture deficits will remain high.

Soil moisture deficits in excess of 60 mm in parts of the east are expected to deteriorate further through the next two weeks, with values reaching up to 70-80 mm in some places, Elsewhere totals will generally range between 50-70 mm, though some western and southern areas will see totals of between 20-45 mm. Grass and crop growth is generally expected to be reduced, significantly so in some areas, on account of the very dry weather.

Rainfall totals during the period are generally expected to range between 5-10 mm in the west, to between 0-5 mm across the eastern half of the country. Many eastern areas may stay completely dry during this period, further exacerbating the already significant moisture deficits. The highest risk of rain on a widespread scale comes through Saturday night and into Sunday when outbreaks of rain spread northwards along the Atlantic coastline.

Temperatures overall during this period are expected to be well above average, with day time maximum values between now and Sunday ranging between 16-18 degrees for Thursday and Friday, but increasing to 18-20 degrees over the weekend. Meanwhile next week temperatures are expected to reach between 19-23 degrees initially, increasing perhaps up to 25 degrees Celsius by the middle of next week.

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