Weather Warning

Weather Warning

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Ireland’s Weather Channel 

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A complex and deepening area of low pressure is expected to develop over the next 36 hours with a risk of some localised flooding developing in parts, accompanied by some very strong winds on Tuesday in parts of Munster and Southeast Leinster.
Heavy rain is expected to develop initially across the west and northwest before becoming more widespread across many areas of the country through tomorrow and Tuesday, with a risk of rainfall totals of between 30-45 mm over the next 48 hours.

There is also the risk of some very strong winds on southern and southeastern coastal areas for a time on Tuesday with winds gusting up to 100-110 km/h. With high spring tides and onshore winds there is the risk of some coastal flooding in Cork and Waterford.

Wet and stormy weather to return today and tomorrow Photo Credit: Evan Treacy Photography

In general our weather next week looks much more unsettled with a risk of some damaging winds at time’s and heavy rain. The Atlantic looks to become very active during this period with a number of storm systems expected to develop across the east Atlantic.

I’ll have more updates throughout the week in relation to the wild weather we are expected to encounter at times. If you’d like any further details then please feel free to message the page, WhatsApp me on 0879723300 or email me at
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