Voting Do’s and Don’ts

Voting Do’s and Don’ts

Voting Do’s and Don’ts 

If you’re over the age of 18 and on the register of electors then you’re eligible to vote in Friday’s referendums. If you’re a first time voter or just a bit rusty, here’s a handy guide explaining everything you need to do to vote successfully.

Voting Do's and Don'ts . Photo courtesy of

Voting Do’s and Don’ts . Photo courtesy of


You will have received a polling card in the post – one of these has been sent to every elector. Check the date and the location of your polling station. Make sure you know how to get there.

A Statement for the Information of Voters has also been sent to you. It has all the information about both referendums so it is essential reading.

If you haven’t received a polling card but you applied late to be on the register, you can find your elector number and polling station on (just remember to bring proof of address).

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