Local Enterprise Office Laois Training Programme Autumn 2015 is now available! They are currently taking bookings for the following social media courses which are heavily subsidised.

T1544 How to win business through Twitter (Beginners)

The use of Twitter within the business environs is an exciting and innovative platform from which Irish business can explore new routes to market. It offers business the opportunity to engage with their audiences and create an awareness of their brands and products and more crucially highlight the personalities behind the businesses. The course will focus on the skills to build, maintain and market an effective Twitter account, and be illustrated by preactical case histories, using participant’s accounts where appropriate.
Participants will understand the importance of establishing a Twitter Business page; the key steps toe nsuring their account is maintained with regular timely tweets / re tweets (Text, images, video); how to optimize sign ups for email marketing campaigns through a Twitter account; how to run Twitter competitions, how to write successful content for tweets.
This half day course takes place on Tuesday 15th September.

T1548 The Potential of using LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn networking has grown from strength to strength in recent times and yet many business owners do not have personal profiles or indeed business profiles setup. The gains of having a correctly and fully setup LinkedIn profile for businesses are only now being realised as an invaluable method of connecting with individuals who may directly or indirectly influence a business and its customers.
This half day course will take place on Thursday 1st October and will give the participants the tools to understand what LinkedIn is and why it should be used by businesses; demonstrate the features of LinkedIn for the individual and the business; explain the difference between LinkedIn and other social networks; how to showcase your business with LinkedIn Company pages; why it is crucial to network with potential customers and suppliers on LinkedIn; how to pass and receive referrals and how to utilize LinkedIn to obtain relevant news on your industry.

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T1550 Digital Marketing and Website Design

The aim of this course is to focus on the skills needed to build, maintain and market an effective a visible website. It will assist businesses with the task of planning and developing their online presence. It will identify what information they need to publish to their targeted online audience, how it should be displayed and what functionality they need in place in order to engage with this audience. General tips and advice regarding marketing this new / upgraded website for a business will also be a vital part of this programme. The training programme is expected to provide individuals with skills to optimize their existing business web presence or specify for a new website if required.
This excellent 5 day course will start on Wednesday 14th October.

T1555 Online Marketing & Social Media

One of our most popular courses, the aim of this course is to help businesses understand the different social media tools and how they can use them in a social media strategy for their business. During this programme, the participants will understand the important factors of their presence of their business online; be aware of the importance of social media and it can enhance their online selling; be empowered to use social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc; know how to use social media sites to direct customers attention to their website; understand social media advertising and how to target specific demographics.

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