This Week’s Weather

This Week’s Weather


During the course of the week Ireland will be under the influence of a rather strong area of high pressure. This area of high pressure will remain close to or indeed over the country for much of the coming week bringing with it dry, settled, and milder weather. During Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday temperatures across the western half of the Midlands may reach as high as 16 or even 17 degrees Celsius.

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What the weather has in store for us

The weather itself will be dry and bright with some pleasant spells of sunshine likely from time to time. During Friday and over the weekend the weather will remain rather settled with some pleasant sunny spells, however by then the temperatures will fall back to below normal values with the risk of night frosts again returning. I will continue to keep you updated as always throughout the course of the week.

Our Laois People weather updates are courtesy of Cathal at Midland Weather Channel.