This week’s weather

This week’s weather

This week’s weather forecast is courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel




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Our weather for the coming week will certainly offer plenty in the way or variety, with pleasant sunny conditions expected today and tomorrow for most, turning cloudier with some isolated showers on Wednesday and Thursday, before becoming much warmer, more humid, though thundery from Friday through the weekend.

The main culprit behind the development of what could be rather severe thunderstorms, at least in an Irish context, is the development of an Upper Level Cut-off Low, which occurs when a low pressure system becomes separated from the main westerly flow and becomes isolated and surrounded by much warmer air, often leading to severe weather in its vicinity.

Such a system, sometimes call a cold drop, is expected to develop to the sound of Ireland through Wednesday and Thursday before pushing close enough to Ireland to allow some potentially severe thunderstorms to develop across the country. Such storms may bring some localised relief from the drought conditions.

Otherwise it’s a case of confined below or well below precipitation for the week ahead, following on from what was the driest spring season on record. Irish Water as of yesterday also announced a nationwide hosepipe ban, as a result of drought conditions and increased usage during the lockdown period. Drought conditions still may intensify in many parts of the country during the extended forecast period.

Weather to be warm and humid

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