This Week’s Weather

This Week’s Weather

Monday, 28 October, 2019 __ Forecasts for Ireland

Courtesy of Irish Weather Online

TRENDS for the week of 28 Oct to 3 Nov 2019

— Temperatures will average near normal values, starting quite cold but warming to above normal for a while, ending near normal.
— Rainfall will average near normal, most of it will come from Wednesday to Sunday, dry in most places until then.
— Sunshine will average 25% below normal, and most of that will come today and tomorrow, so quite cloudy after mid-week.


TODAY will be partly cloudy with moderate northeast winds at times, highs 9 to 12 C. There may be thicker cloud layers at times in the south and parts of the west extending from offshore disturbances, better sunshine for north Leinster, Ulster and parts of Connacht.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

More cold weather in store!?

TONIGHT will produce some frost again with lows -2 to +4 C, more confined to northern counties, as cloud will keep temperatures in the 4 to 7 C range further south.

TUESDAY will be partly to mostly cloudy, and there could be some light rain by afternoon in west Munster. Highs will range from 10 to 13 C.

WEDNESDAY will be overcast with rain moving in from the west, about 10 mm likely. Lows near 5 C and highs near 11 C.

THURSDAY will be overcast with rain and some fog, milder, lows near 7 C and highs near 13 C. About 10-20 mm rain likely.

FRIDAY will see some partial clearing and showers more isolated, lows near 6 C and highs near 12 C.

The weekend of 2-3 November is now looking quite windy. Once the remnants of Pablo circle around and energize low pressure out in the central Atlantic, one organized storm is likely to form and move towards Ireland. There could be intervals of strong south to southwest winds by the weekend, and heavy rainfalls. Temperatures will remain around 9 to 12 C. The following week also looks very unsettled with further wind and rain, and a slowly falling temperature trend (7-9 C).

How is weather shaping up for the week?

My local weather on Sunday was partly cloudy and cool with highs around 5 C. We are expecting a weak cold front to push through later today with light snow and clearing for Monday night, possibly a hard freeze with lows to -8 C by Tuesday here. That won’t last too long as the upper flow changes from northerly to westerly by mid-week, sending the very cold air into central regions of the United States and energizing a strong wintry low pressure area for the Great Lakes region by end of the week. This could be the first major outbreak of snow squalls for that region.

— Peter for IWO