This Week’s Weather

This Week’s Weather

Monday, 12 August, 2019

Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS for the week of 12 to 18 Aug 2019

— Temperatures will average near normal values, although rather cool days and mild nights.
— Rainfall will average near normal values to 25% above normal in parts of the north.
— Sunshine will average about 75% of normal.


A look at the week’s weather

TODAY will start out bright with sunny intervals for the eastern counties, but with increasing cloud before mid-day, then outbreaks of heavy and possibly thundery rain, 5 to 15 mm likely, and highs near 19 C.

TONIGHT will be partly cloudy to overcast with a few light showers in the south and west, lows near 8 C.

TUESDAY will be partly cloudy in the north to overcast in the south, with outbreaks of light rain by afternoon moving in from the south. Highs will be about 18 to 20 C.

WEDNESDAY the rain will move further north with some isolated heavy showers developing in the midlands and inland north, turning somewhat warmer and more humid, lows near 12 C and highs near 21 C.

What has the weather got in store?

THURSDAY will be partly cloudy with showers and isolated thunderstorms, highs near 20 C.

FRIDAY will become fresher with showers and highs near
17 C.

The outlook calls for breezy to windy weather by weekend of 17th-18th, highs near 20 C, and some rain at times.

This Week’s Weather Forecast

My local weather on Sunday was overcast and cool with a few light showers, highs near 17 C.

— Peter for IWO