This Week’s Weather

This Week’s Weather

Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Forecasts for Ireland

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TRENDS for the week of 18 to 24 June, 2019

— Temperatures will average near or slightly above normal. The average daytime high will edge up towards 20 C.

— Rainfall will be generally a bit below average, 10 to 15 mm for most locations, closer to 20 mm in parts of Ulster.

— Sunshine will be close to normal values or slightly above in some parts of the south and east.

This Week’s Weather Forecast


TODAY will be generally dry with generous amounts of sunshine for the south, central and eastern counties, but some isolated showers most likely in parts of the north, and highs will reach 19 to 21 C.

TONIGHT will see a gradual increase in higher cloud dimming the full moon, and lows near 7 C.

WEDNESDAY will be partly cloudy with a few showers, and highs near 19 C. Rainfall amounts of 2 to 5 mm in most places.

THURSDAY will be partly cloudy to overcast with showers and cooler temperatures by afternoon with lows near 10 C and highs around 16 C. Rainfalls of about 5 mm.

FRIDAY will bring partial clearing after lows near 6 C and highs will reach about 17 C, with a few isolated showers.

SATURDAY will be sunny with cloudy intervals, and reasonably warm, with highs near 21 C.

SUNDAY will see increasing cloud leading to light rain spreading in from the south by late afternoon, but it may stay dry further north until evening, highs of about 18 C.

MONDAY will likely see another rainfall event of about 10 to 15 mm, with some thundery heavy bursts possible, highs near 17 C.

What has the weather got in store?

OUTLOOK … That rainfall should begin to dissipate on Tuesday with slow clearing followed by several dry but increasingly warm days later next week, when there is potential for the first real warm spell since Easter, with highs reaching mid 20s. Although reliability decreases towards the end of the model guidance, for what it’s worth this warm spell is depicted to break down to frequent rain in early July, but that could change closer to the time.

My local weather on Monday started out sunny, then overcast by early afternoon with a fairly heavy thunderstorm from about 4 to 5 p.m. that dropped around 20 mm of rain, but not severe in any other sense. That slowly broke up and moved away to the south leaving some blue sky in the evening. The high was about 25 C.

— Peter for IWO