This week’s Laois Weather

This week’s Laois Weather

Forecasts for Laois People courtesy of Irish Weather Online

TRENDS for week of 19 to 25 Jan 2021

Temperatures will average 2 deg below normal despite today being about 4 deg above, so otherwise rest of the interval closer to 3 below normal.– rainfalls will be near average considering that almost half of this event’s rainfall may have already fallen especially by the time many read this.– sunshine will be near or slightly above normal despite a cloudy first two days.

FORECASTS TODAY will continue mild and foggy in some areas with light rain at times in southern counties, trending to moderate or even heavy rain in the central and northern counties, where a further 20-30 mm may fall, giving totals by late tonight of 50 mm locally (south Ulster and north midlands most likely to see spot flooding problems, just a slow rise of the water table in general leading to saturation of poorly drained areas). Highs around 10 to 12 C for most, with southerly breezes 40 to 60 km/hr, but closer to 5 C in Ulster where winds east to northeast.

TONIGHT will continue foggy and mild in the south with a bit more rain at times, lows 8 to 10 C, while precipitation turns sleety over the north in slowly falling temperatures and a gradually increasing northerly breeze, temperatures there close to 2 C.

WEDNESDAY the cold air will continue a slow southward push, replacing the milder air rather quickly when it arrives, despite a lack of strong winds; rain will turn to sleet and then wet snow especially in parts of coastal and nearby portions of inland Leinster, with potential for a slushy accumulation of 3 to 6 cm on lower terrain by evening, and 10 to 20 cm “proper snow” on hills. Temperatures will be steady 2 to 5 C in the colder air mass, and will fall from near 8 C in the morning to that range in the southeast. Winds northerly 30 to 50 km/hr except somewhat stronger near west coast at times.

THURSDAY as the storm system (Cristoph) develops a much stronger circulation over Britain, Ireland will also feel the stronger winds, northwesterly 50 to 80 km/hr, with bands of sleety mixed wintry showers likely, and some snow accumulations on hills in all regions. Very cold especially due to the wind chill, morning lows near -1 C and afternoon highs 3 to 5 C, temperatures sometimes dropping during or after snow showers.

FRIDAY will start out with some icy roads and frosts with morning lows of -3 C or lower in some places, and the winds will have eased to 40-60 km/hr, still west to northwest mainly, before becoming more variable later in the day as a weak disturbance may cross the south-central counties, with sleet or snow possible (likely not very much). Highs about 1 to 4 C.Both days of the weekend are looking fairly dry but cold with little change in temperatures, possibly dipping a bit lower in some areas at night. (so lows -5 to -2 C, highs 3 to 6 C). Scattered but isolated wintry showers possible both days.

Cold and unsettled weather on the way for much of the week

By MONDAY a milder air mass will be pushing into the country from the west, arriving about mid-afternoon on the west coast and by evening in the east. There could be sleet changing to rain in some parts of the north however. Highs will eventually reach about 10 C probably near midnight, then TUESDAY will see colder air returning although not as cold as this coming spell, with the rain perhaps ending as sleet or wet snow before clearing, afternoon temperatures 3 to 7 C.The rest of next week also looks unsettled and variable in temperatures as a parade of rather weak disturbances sets up near the central latitudes of the country, dividing the country at times into a mild south and cold north, with some mixed wintry falls possible along the track of any disturbances. February may see an interval of colder weather developing after this variable period ends.