This Weekend’s Weather

This Weekend’s Weather

Your forecasts on Laois People courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel




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IWC has issued multiple weather warnings ahead of Storm Dennis, with the impacts from the storm system expected to occur between Saturday and Monday. Dennis will be of a similar intensity to Storm Ciara, however the impacts from flooding associated with Storm Dennis may be worse than last weekend’s storm.

On Saturday an IWC Status Orange and Status Yellow rainfall warning are in place for heavy falls of rain across all of the country. The Status Orange area is due to the expected flooding impacts in the area, where rainfall totals of between 40-60 mm for the duration of the weekend are possible. More generally rainfall totals for the weekend will range between 25-40 mm.

This weekend and early next week very stormy weather is in prospect

There is also some strong winds expected for a time on Saturday, especially along exposed coastal parts of the southwest, west and northwest where winds may temporarily exceed 110-115 km/h. More generally across the country winds will remain below 100 km/h, with flooding being of greater concern.

Sunday is when the strongest winds associated with Storm Dennis will impact many parts of the country, with the highest winds again likely in Atlantic coastal counties. Here winds will gust up to 130 km/h, peaking during the afternoon and evening. Elsewhere winds will gust to between 100-110 km/h. Some disruption is possible due to the winds, especially so in the west and northwest.

Marine warnings are also likely to come into effect due to the phenomenal sea swells that are likely to develop across the west and northwest of the country with sea swells in excess of 16 metres likely in some exposed west facing coasts, More updates to follow on this particular aspect.

If you have any questions about the IWC weather warnings then please drop me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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