Stradbally ‘Gran’ needs her home back

Stradbally ‘Gran’ needs her home back

Granny’s house robbed in Stadbally

A house has been robbed in Stradbally, but this is no ordinary house or robbery.
‘Granny’s House’ is a much loved art installation by Dublin based art collective The GlowDepot, that features prominently each year in the ‘ArtLot’ area of the Electric Picnic music festival in Stradbally, County Laois.

The Art installation was being stored on the grounds of the Stradbally estate, ready for pick-up and restoration, ahead of the festival this September. However, when the owners went to visit granny’s house last week they discovered that the installation had been stolen.

Alan Mulhall, who runs the Electric Picnic ‘ArtLot’ area which hosts Granny’s House each year, told us:

“While it may not be as bad as robbing a real granny, the crew have put a huge amount of work into the piece and over the years and it’s become a huge hit with festival patrons. It doesn’t really have a huge monetary value but we’d really love for it to be returned to us.”

Granny in Stradbally now ‘homeless’

Granny’s House is painted a very distinctive yellow & pink colour and the GlowDepot group have offered a free ticket to the festival for its return, or they hope that the thieves might have a change of heart and give granny back her home.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact in confidence.