VALID FROM 08:00 29/01/15 UNTIL TUESDAY 3/2/15:
Today Thursday, will be a wintry day across the region with temperatures remaining below normal for the time of year. Afternoon highs will struggle to reach between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius, with the warmest values in the South. During any heavier showers the temperatures will drop back a degree or so to between 1 and 3 degrees.Many of the showers today will be wintry with snow likely to fall in many of the showers. There is the risk that during the afternoon the showers will be more of a wintry mix of sleet and snow especially across Southern areas. Winds will increase from the North West this afternoon.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

To remain frigidly cold for rest of week!

During this afternoon conditions will become rather stormy across the Midlands as a small but powerful sector of winds develop. The strongest of the wind speeds will occur between 19:00 and 01:00. Winds may well gust to as high as between 90 and 110 kph widely, with isolated gusts of up to 120 possible. With strong cross winds likely on many roads driving conditions are expected to be dangerous. During the same time period a more organised area of showers will cross the Midlands. These showers are expected to be a wintry mix of snow,sleet and possibly rain. There is the risk though that if temperatures remain low much of this precipitation could fall as snow leading to some accumulations. Areas of high ground above 250 metres will see accumulations on snow overnight.

Tomorrow Friday:
Current indications suggest that temperatures at least briefly tomorrow may increase by a degree or so as a pocket of warmer air circulates Southwards across the region.There will however still be plenty of heavy wintry showers and some of these will remain as sleet and snow especially above 200 metres. Driving conditions may be rather treacherous on Friday night.

Saturday & Sunday:
The coming weekend across the Midlands is expected to remain bitterly cold with temperatures well below normal for the time of year. Afternoon highs at best will range between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. There will be a good deal of sunny spells across the region also with the best of these occur in the South. Heavy wintry showers will effect Northern areas of the Midlands in particular with some accumulations likely in these areas. Temperatures by night will dip several degrees below freezing and driving conditions will be hazardous due to frost,ice and snow.

Monday & Tuesday:
Conditions for the start of next week are very unpredictable at present. One thing that is predictable however will be the temperatures, which are expected to remain below normal with afternoon highs reaching no better than 2 or 3 degrees Celsius. There is the continued need to observe a low pressure system to the west of Ireland which may push close enough to the country to bring with it a spell of possibly snow to many areas of the Midlands during Monday. This however remains just speculation at present as each weather model continues to show varied outcomes. I will keep you updated as the situation develops.
Take care on the roads wherever you are across the Midlands over the coming days.
Kindest regards

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