Stanley calls Government Covid Measures Incoherent, Inadequate & Contradictory

Stanley calls Government Covid Measures Incoherent, Inadequate & Contradictory

Government Covid Measures are Incoherent, Inadequate and Contradictory.

Responding to the latest Government measures to deal with the Covid Emergency Local Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley said “The measure are contradictory, incoherent and in some cases inadequate.

“The number one priority must be to prevent another major lockdown across the State and to protect human life.  However, the latest measures announced by the Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green Government are not fit for purpose and don’t address a number of key issues relating to schools, workplaces, transport and sports and leisure.

“For example the Coalition have refused to make it compulsory for the Health and Safety Authority  (HSA) to be notified of an outbreak in workplaces, a measure which trade unions have called for and which would protect vulnerable workers. Also the latest batch of measures does not contain anything new for the meat and food processing sector, which has proved to be a high risk area for Covid clusters.

“The announcement that capacity school buses carrying secondary school children will now be halved is coming at the eleventh hour for schools and Bus Operators and leaves little time to make provisions for extra buses and social distancing. This will present a major challenge at such a late stage and should have been decided on much earlier.

“Sports clubs are now facing a crisis due to the illogical decision to not allow any spectators to attend outdoor games and events. While its sensible not to allow large crowds to attend, limited attendance at outdoor events where strict measures are in place should be allowed. It makes no sense that up to 50 people can attend an indoor event, but 2 people cannot watch a game at O Moore Park in Portlaoise or O Connor Park in Tullamore, both of which have a normal capacity for tens of thousands.

Brian Stanley TD calls Government Covid Measures Incoherent, Inadequate and Contradictory

“The divisions between the various personalities at the heart of this Government are reflected in these latest measures. We are calling on Taoiseach Michael Martin to recognise these realities and to put in place effective measures to suppress this virus and to keep the economy moving”.