St Brigid’s Women’s Group Pyrography Exhibit

 St Brigid’s Women’s Group Pyrography Exhibit

‘Coming out of the Woodwork’

 St Brigid’s Women’s Group exhibit their Pyrography Pieces in Public Library


A group of women from St Brigid’s Place, Portlaoise have been coming together every Monday morning for some months, over a cup of tea with Community Workers, Karen and Mary from Laois Partnership.  These mornings have provided an opportunity for the group to chat, laugh, discuss problems and have a voice about what they would like to see happening in the community they love. The women have many ideas around enhancing community spirit and engaging with people of all ages in their estate. The idea is to encourage people to come together and to  participate in activities of their choosing, which helps to build confidence, relationships, knowledge and skills and most importantly is great fun.  

St Brigid’s Group exhibiting their wonderful work

In this spirit, the group met Mary Delaney, an LOETB Tutor  during the Summer. Having discussed various craft options, they decided to start with a Pyrography Course and what a success it has been. Pyrography, the art of burning designs in wood has been used by the group to create many pieces, celebrating all that is important and treasured in their lives. This opportunity to come together has empowered the women in so many ways and the following comments by the group is testament to this.


‘‘it’s great to meet new people of different ages and it’s something for myself’’

‘‘Nice to have something to nurture ourselves’’

‘‘Art is what I always wanted to do’’

‘‘It’s something to get me out of the house, from the loneliness and anxiety’’

‘‘This helps you to feel normal and have a purpose’’

Wonderful work of St Brigid’s Group


As the title of this exhibition ‘Coming out of the Woodwork’ suggests, the women of St Brigid’s are emerging   to voice and action the continued development of the capacity of  the  residents, intending to have   a meaningful impact in  all of their lives. Their work will be on display for a number of weeks in Portlaoise Library. This project was funded by the Laois Offaly Education and Training Board and  Laois Partnership Company.