Snowfall Warning

Snowfall Warning

SNOWFALL WARNING, ICY ROADS, LOW TEMPERATURES: Current weather charts and satellite imagery are showing an organised occluded weather front currently lying off the Northwest coast of Ireland. Later this evening and overnight this front is expected to sink southeastwards across the region. Organised bands of showers are likely to make their way across many areas of the Midlands and where they do occur they will mainly fall as snow.

Laois weather on this Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend’s weather in Laois to be cold and icy.

Accumulations of snow seem likely across many northern and western areas, but all areas are at risk of seeing some snowfall. Accumulations of 2-5 cm are likely across all areas of the Midlands with upto 8cm possible through North Roscommon,Longford, North Westmeath and Cavan. Upto 10cm of snow may fall across hills and mountains. Temperatures overnight may fall to as low as -2 or possibly -3 in some sheltered southern regions. Where showers occur temperatures are likely to remain at freezing or just below. Road conditions across all areas of the Midlands this evening,tonight and tomorrow morning are likely to be lethal with a combination of frost, ice and snow expected widely.

Take extreme caution on rural roads in particular which may be untreated. The rest of today should be reasonably dry and bright with some crisp winter sunshine in all areas and just isolated flurries of snow likely in the far north and west of the Midlands. I will keep you posted throughout the day as the occluded front makes its way towards the Midland region. Kindest regards as always, Cathal.

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