Slieve Bloom Bike Trail Approved

Slieve Bloom Bike Trail Approved

Peter Ormond, Manager of Mid Ireland Tourism has welcomed the news that both Offaly County Council and Laois County Council have granted planning permission for a new mountain bike trail in the Slieve Bloom region. This project is a exciting project for the region and will further enhance what the Midlands has to offer in terms of outdoor attractions and activities.


The Midlands region has seen significant investment in tourism facilities over the last number of years and this development when completed will further enhance and showcase Laois/Offaly and indeed the Midlands as a destination for outdoor activities.


In 2012, Coillte’s recreational team included the Slieve Bloom as a potential centre of national scale for off road cycling and associated with this was the potential for a mountain bike trail in the Slieve Blooms mountains.

Great boost for local service providers such as Slieve Bloom Mountain Biking


“I would like to compliment Coillte for bringing this concept to the planning stage and I hope they will be successful in securing the necessary funding to bring this project to fruition.”


Peter Ormond stated that no project can stand alone and this one will be no different. The objective has to be to work with all stakeholders to deliver a better network of walking and Cycling trails within the region. People will now have a wide range of activities to choose from when the visit the region from The Slieve Blooms, to Lough Boora and many more.


The granting of planning permission to the cycling trail will offer the potential to rejuvenate the economy, will impact positively on our health and well being of not only the Slieve Blooms area, but the wider region.

Peter Ormond in particularly paid tribute to the people who live in the vicinity of the Slieve Bloom and the positivity they have shown to the project. This project will present many opportunities in the Slieve Bloom region from Cycle hire to accommodation to restaurants/Cafes and many more.

In conclusion, the manager of Mid Ireland stated this this was an exciting day for the region and he hoped that funding would be made available immediately and work would commence on the trails in the very near future.