Sinead Moore’s Election Manifesto

Sinead Moore’s Election Manifesto

Sinead Moore’s Election Manifesto

Slogan: Think Ahead, Act Now
Voter pitch:

The Laois constituency is one rich with its people, beauty, heritage and history. We need to celebrate this and promote tourism more. Our food industry is one to be lauded. As well as traditional farms producing top quality food we have a growing number of organic farms. Promoting our food industry and agri tourism such as farmers markets will boost jobs and tourism. Creating cycle and walkways that link our towns and villages will enhance our quality of life. We need investment in Portlaoise hospital to provide a first class 24 seven service for the people in the constituency and the local areas. Our young people need services such as mental health, enterprise and youth supports to help them lead happy fulfilled lives. We need to transition from our dependence on fossil fuels for our energy and production needs. Various sectors can work together to develop fossil free products and energy. We need a green voice in government to balance unfettered capitalism.

Sinead Moore's Election Manifesto

Sinead Moore’s Election Manifesto

Why I’m qualified:

I’m qualified because I care passionately about people and the environment. Growing up on a farm made me keenly aware of our deep connection with each other, animals, the soil, air and the water. It also made me no stranger to hard work! I know that we need to respect nature and to do our utmost to transition from fossil fuel dependence. I teach social justice, environmental studies and have run a social innovators project for young people for many years. I’m an advocate for young people, the environment and third world. I’m not afraid to speak the truth even though it often gets me into trouble! I’ve always sought to live a life of integrity. I lost my sister to cancer when she was thirty three so I’m keenly aware of my mortality. I take risks for others and the environment because life is truly beautiful, precious and worth fighting for. I’m a mother of two girls and a teacher of young people and I hope I can be a strong leader for them.

Core policies


We need an education for our young people that will equip them with the skills to live happy, fulfilled lives. Our system is working well despite lack of funding. We need to lower our pupil teacher ratio and ensure that our schools have a wide admissions policy. Healthy school dinners for students at primary and secondary level should be introduced. Mindfulness at primary and second level will help our children and young people to self regulate their emotions leading to increased happiness.


We need a one tier system based on community care and helping people to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible. The health system should promote preventative measures such as healthy eating and exercise. Mental health provision should be accessible at a community level with hospital admission being the option of last resort. Integration of psychotherapy, counselling, and social care services will provide a balanced level of care for people with mental health difficulties.


The state through the local authorities should build high quality, energy efficient social housing for those who are homeless, on the housing waiting list and for those who are on low income. Housing should be affordable


We need to transition for an economy dependant on fossil fuels for our energy and product needs. A mixture of wind, solar, biomass and tidal energy production should be considered. Exciting new developments in storage capacity are now being developed! We need to invest in research and development in order to discover how to make products without oil such as bio-plastics made from vegetable materials such as potatoes. We should consider hemp as an excellent alterative to cement and textiles.

Social Justice

I will be an advocate for those who suffer injustice here in our constituency and abroad. Ireland has traditionally been a keen advocate for justice and I wish to continue this fine tradition. We need to challenge the power of corporate interests and create strong local communities who look after each other and the environment.