Conditions across the Midlands during the following 84 hours are expected to be very inclement. The initial warning across the Midlands is in relation to snowfall, icy roads and frost which will come into effect after 6 pm this evening. Ireland lies in a very unstable airflow which has its origins over the Canadian Arctic. Temperatures are expected to fall throughout the day and afternoon values will range no higher than 4 or 5 degrees Celsius.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

Temperatures are to plummet across Midlands in middle of week.

Through this evening and overnight an organised band of showery precipitation is set to cross the region from the west. With temperatures already falling away this rain may fall as sleet or wet snow with accumulations likely over the higher ground of the region. Once this band has cleared the area further heavy showers of hail,sleet and snow are expected to push in from the Atlantic with all areas at risk of seeing some wintry precipitation. The areas most at risk of seeing some accumulations will be the Slieve Bloom Mountains, the Cuilcagh Mountains, Slieve Cairn, Mullaghmean, Uisneach, and the hills along the Laois/Kilkenny boarder. At lower levels northern and western areas are most at risk of seeing some snowfall.

Driving conditions across the Midlands are expected to be dangerous tonight with low temperatures leading to some icy stretches on untreated roads. Do take care if you are out and about this evening and overnight. Tomorrow Tuesday will be a bitterly cold day across the region with highest afternoon temperatures ranging between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius. Heavy wintry showers will continue throughout the day falling mainly as sleet or wet snow at lower levels, however above 150/200 metres these showers will fall predominantly as snow. Further accumulations of snow are likely across the higher ground of the Midlands with local accumulations of between 5 and 10 cm over the mountainous regions of the Midlands.

Laois weather on this Bank Holiday Weekend

This week’s weather in Laois is cold and inclement.

Further wintry showers will occur in all areas of the region on Tuesday night with an ongoing risk of some accumulations of snow. Again the highest risk occurring across northern,western and upland areas of the Midlands. Temperatures will fall below freezing and some really dangerous driving conditions are expected as ice becomes a widespread issue. Wednesday will begin cold and bright with wintry showers slowly dying out. Increasing cloud cover in relation to a storm depression will make its way across the country.

As the rainfall associated with this weather systems interacts with the cold air already across the region there is the possibility that this rain may initially fall as snow,even to lower levels, providing a brief covering of snow in all areas.

I will now detail the second half of the warning. STORM WARNING: Current indications suggest that a very active Atlantic winter storm is set to bring some really challenging weather conditions to all areas of the region during Wednesday evening through to Thursday night. The low pressure system will deepen rapidly as it approaches Ireland with a central pressure reading of between 944 and 953 millibars expected as the storm passes the Donegal coastline. The strongest wind speeds from this storm are expected to occur 14:00 on Wednesday and 11:00 on Thursday. Wind speeds could reach anywhere between 120 to 130 kph over a wide area of the Midlands.

Further north across Donegal wind speeds may gust in excess of 140 kph. A storm of this magnitude has the potential to cause travel disruption, bring down large trees, power lines and pose a risk to those caught in its path. As this system still remains over two days away there is still time for the storms intensity to be upgraded or hopefully downgraded. I promise to keep you updated with the most current thoughts and forecasts on this weeks stormy weather. Take care if you are on the roads this evening and overnight and indeed throughout the next 84 hours. Take care, kindest regards as always. Cathal. Click here for Cathal’s Midland Weather Channel.