Severe Weather Warning

Severe Weather Warning

Flooding and Storm Force winds.

As expected Storm Frank is set to impact the country during the course of the following 36 hours. Many areas of the Midlands are already experiencing flooding, so the prospects of between 40-70 mm generally, and possibly up to 100mm over the mountainous areas of the west and south means that severe flooding along the Shannon and Barrow rivers is now highly likely. If I had a property which is prone to flooding, or lies in a flood plain area I would be currently sand bagging and preparing for the worst case scenario.

The heavy rain will also be accompanied by storm force winds which may well reach between 100-110kph in exposed areas. Winds this strong may well lead to some disruption to power supplies.

I will continue to keep you posted as always.

Stay safe wherever you are across the Midlands.

Regards, Cathal.

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