September Weather Outlook

September Weather Outlook

Weather Forecasts on Laois People courtesy of

Ireland’s Weather Channel
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High pressure looks set to become the dominant feature of our weather through the middle of a September as a rather strong anticyclonic blocking pressure pattern becomes established across much of Northern and Western Europe with our airmass switching from a westerly to an easterly or southeasterly direction.

This switch in our wind direction as a result of a blocking anticyclone will result in predominantly drier than normal conditions, well above average sunshine figures and will also introduce some late summer warmth, with temperatures climbing in the low 20’s at times, commencing this coming weekend.

Long-range forecast for September courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel

In the meantime however there is still some unsettled weather to contend with, but even with this rainfall totals will be very small. During the evening and overnight a weakening cold front brings some outbreaks of rain across the west and northwest of the country in particular, with just isolated falls elsewhere.
For many tonight’s rain may be the last for a period stretching between the 9th to the 19th of September at least, as high pressure becomes established. There is the slight risk that northwestern areas may see some light rain or drizzle on Friday but elsewhere it will remain mostly dry.

Our ‘Blast from the Past’ photo today is courtesy of Alf Harvey Photography Jessica and Heyden Lalor at play with “Mittens” on the family farm at Ballygogue, Ballacolla after Pasturel Winter Barley yielding 2.8 tonnes per acre at 14% moisture has been harvested on the site of the 2000 National Ploughing Championships.

If you have any travel plans or if you require dry weather for harvesting, silage or even late season hay then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

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