Secure your valuables this Christmas

Secure your valuables this Christmas

The following is a message The Laois People received just now from one of its readers. It highlights once again that you need to very alert and conscious of not leaving valuables in your car at any time. It’s so easy to drop your guard especially during the hectic social scene that accompanies Christmas. Nevertheless do not make it easy for thieves to take off with your hard-won possessions.

“I am hoping to highlight to other people the dangers of parking their car with valuables in it. Unfortunately it happened to me yesterday and trust me its not a nice thing to happen.

Help the gardai help you.

Secure your valuables this Christmas.

I was on my way back from Carlow yesterday eve at approx 4.30 pm. I had my 2 dogs with me and stopped off at Stradbally woods at the windy gap just to let them out for a quick run. My handbag was his under the front passenger seat cover by a coat. On return to the car which was no longer than 10 mins my passenger window had been smashed to bits and my handbag stolen. Please ask people to be very aware that this is apparently happening on a regular basis at this location which I only found out after speaking with the guards.”