Renua Candidate for Laois

Renua Candidate for Laois

The call has gone out for a Renua Candidate to run in the redrawn Laois constituency in the upcoming General Election.

If you’re interested in running this is what you need to do: RENUA Ireland is now accepting candidate applications for your constituency.

Renua is inviting any interested members who would like to be the RENUA Ireland candidate, to send in a maximum 2 page CV and maximum one page cover letter to

They would like to remind you that pursuant to the RENUA Ireland constitution, every person who seeks to become a candidate must;

– Sign a fitness and probity certification,- Sign a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct,

– Become a member of RENUA Ireland, Membership fee is €20 or €10 for the unwaged.

The call has gone out for a Laois Renua candidate

The call has gone out for a Laois Renua candidate. Photo courtesy of The Irish Times.

Visit to become a member. All of the relevant documents are available via this link:

To pay your membership fee of €20 and become a member of RENUA Ireland please visit

If you have already submitted the necessary documentation and paid your membership fee, please ignore this email. Otherwise, please ensure that you do so before our deadline for applications which is 12pm on Saturday 12th of December.