Portlaoise College’s welcome for all

Portlaoise College’s welcome for all

Portlaoise College celebrates their inclusive school community


This week, Portlaoise College celebrated in style.

Portlaoise College is known for its welcoming atmosphere and its commitment to equality and respect for all.

This week saw that commitment strengthened further by beginning the week with a whole school workshop on gender and equality, there was music in the foyer at lunchtime, informative posters around the school, Rainbow Flag badges and a bake sale at lunchtime, to mention just a few things.

The proceeds of the bake sale are going to Belong to Youth Services, who work with LGBTI+ young people, between 14 and 23 years, to create a world where they are equal, safe, and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences.

Portlaoise College Prefects organised the events and displayed excellent leadership skills as they spoke with the student body about the importance of equality and respect in and outside our school community.

One Prefect said “Respect is the most important thing in our school as it sends a strong message that everyone is equal and all are valued members of our school community and when there is respect, everyone can reach their potential”

The Head girl added that “this week is really about giving the information to students so they can be informed and sending out a message that equality is so important in our school.”

This week is one of many weeks that will take place this year to promote student wellbeing and student supports in Portlaoise College. Plans are currently underway for our Wellbeing and Anti bullying weeks and work has started on our new Wellbeing wall that will include advice and information on student supports available in and outside of school, etc.