Portarlington Speakers

Portarlington Speakers

Portarlington Speakers congratulated their new President Carmel O’Leary at the Anvil Inn in Portarlington on Tuesday night July 21. Carmel laid out her vision of opportunity and growth. Toastmaster Clubs such as Portarlington Speakers offer everyone the opportunity of developing their speaking and leadership skills in a fun friendly atmosphere.

The great thing about Portarlington Speakers is that it appeals to adults of all ages and it brings together the young and the old, people of different occupations and different background where they meet in a relaxed atmosphere, have some fun and the same times develop skills that will enhance their social and work lives.

To expand the opportunity available from Portarlington Speakers Carmel announced that they would be launching a new Speech Craft Programme which would appeal to a very wide audience including third level students wanting to prepare for their first college presentations. Anyone wishing to return to the workplace, and those wishing to enhance their career skills. See Facebook, MeetUp or