Portarlington French Festival Info

Portarlington French Festival Info

About Festival Francais de Portarlington

In the 17th century Portarlington was known as the Paris of the Midlands a place where French rather than Irish or English was spoken. This midlands town is bordered by counties Laois and Offaly and the Barrow River. The town and surroundings are steeped in French Huguenot History and tourists who visit Portarlington can view many historic buildings like St. Pauls French Church, Arlington House, Lea Castle, Emo Court and all the beautiful old houses that are built in the Huguenot style.

Incredible panorama of River Barrow & Lea Castle captured by Con Murphy Photography

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The Festival Committee organise this special event each year around Bastille Day which falls on the 14 July. The town is set ablaze with French and Irish colours and the history and culture are celebrated through all the events that are arranged over the weekend. The World Snail Eating Competition brings very enthusiastic competitors and visitors. There will also be arts, theatre, workshops, street entertainment, music and dance, sports day and water sports. Perfect for a family weekend of great entertainment and culture!