Our Weekend Weather

Our Weekend Weather

Friday, 1st of November, 2019

Forecasts for Ireland courtesy of Irish Weather Online 

TRENDS for the week of 1 to 7 November

— Temperatures will average 1 to 2 deg below normal, despite a rather mild first day.
— Rainfall will average 25 to 50 per cent above normal in parts of the west and south, to 25 per cent below normal in Ulster.
— Sunshine will average about two thirds of normal, or two hours a day instead of the average of three (this falls steadily during November).


TODAY will be mild with some brighter intervals in the east this morning, as rain develops further west. A band of heavier rain with some embedded thunderstorms will move into Galway, Clare and some other parts of west Munster around mid-day. About 20-40 mm is possible from then to Saturday morning. The rain will be more sporadic elsewhere and may amount to 10-15 mm for many other places. Highs 13 to 16 C. Strong south to southwest winds reaching 80 to 120 km/hr will also develop later today and peak overnight near the southwest and south coasts. Some parts of Clare may be included, anywhere south of the track of low pressure (expected to be roughly Lahinch to Limerick to Waterford) will get the strong winds, places north of the track will only see moderate southeast winds followed by moderate northwesterlies late tonight.

The River Nore in an icy embrace

No cold weather in store but lashings of rain this weekend!

TONIGHT will be very windy across the south coastal counties, with south to southwest gales of 80 to 120 km/hr switching around to west to northwest at similar speeds later in the night as the low pressure centre passes. Heavy rains (totalling 20-40 mm) will move across the southeast with less prolific amounts (10-20 mm) in central and eastern counties. Some drizzly light rain likely in the north, with partial clearing and gusty northwest winds near the west coast, bands of light rain or drizzle extending from the Atlantic well inland by morning. Lows will be 6 to 8 C.

SATURDAY will continue very windy across the south with a gradual moderating trend to 50-80 km/hr west to northwest winds by afternoon. It will also become fairly windy in other areas further north once the low reaches Wales by mid-day. Some bands of light rain will wrap around the circulation with brighter conditions between the bands. This may tend to set up steady state so the radar will be your guide to how that may turn out locally. Highs will be 8 to 11 C.

SUNDAY another area of low pressure, this one without much energy, will drift into southern counties from the northwest, and bring variable cloud and scattered showers. Rainfalls of about 5-10 mm will be fairly widespread. Somewhat cooler with highs 7 to 10 C. Generally slack wind gradients that will be cyclonic around coastal regions (southerly on east coast, easterly in Ulster, northerly on west coast and westerly near the south coast).