No Name Club needs you!

No Name Club needs you!

The No Name Club, enables young people to organise and enjoy positive alternatives to alcohol and drugcentred activities and increases awareness of the effects of alcohol and drugs, to help young people make informed choices when they are older.

The No Name Club was established in 1978 and today operates clubs in four provinces, with clubs spread across the country, positively influencing more than 20,000 young people who benefit from the services our organisation is delivering.

No Name Club National Youth Awards

We take great pride in confirming that our organisation complies with the Governance Code for the community, voluntary and charitable sector of Ireland and that the No Name Club is a Quality Health Promotion Organisation. It is governed by a Board of Directors, managed by an Executive Programme Manager, supported by a small pro-active team. We are a volunteer led organisation with volunteer leaders who provide considerable support to the organisation in carrying out its mission.

A typical club evening for young people (15-18yrs) takes many shapes, from cards games, movie nights, Pizza nights, to simple gatherings. Many clubs become very involved at community level and support other organisations and charities. All clubs attend National Events once affiliated to the National Organisation and these events vary from Supertalent competitions to National Conferences.

No Name Club

The largest event of the year is the National Youth Awards, a formal black tie event which is attended by over 1000 young people and Volunteers. Each club is supported by a dedicated Programme Officer who assists with Club establishment, development and compliance. This alleviates pressure from adult volunteers and ensures that best practice is met across the network. As part of development plans, we have identified your area as a location that could benefit greatly from a No Name Club.

We would be delighted to establish a club in your area and would very much appreciate any time or support you could give us. For further information, please contact Head Office on 0596 400299