Next Week’s Weather

Next Week’s Weather

Forecast Courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel



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April has certainly started on a very dry, settled and even warm note, and the latest weather models seem to continue that trend as we go into next week as high pressure looks set to remain in control with temperatures also responding through the middle and later stages of next week.

The general pressure pattern next week will see an area of high pressure close to the east coast of the UK, allowing for a southeasterly airflow to develop from the near continent. This airmass will gradually warm up through the week with temperatures reach as high as 20-22 degrees Celsius in parts of the west and northwest under the current guidance.

Conditions will remain dry overall during next week, however there is the outside chance that some thundery outbreaks may threaten parts of the country during the later stages of next week.In the meantime today looks set to be rather overcast in many areas with any sunny spells being reserved for the east and southeast of the country. Outbreaks of light rain or drizzle will also impact Atlantic coastal counties where temperatures will be rather disappointing.

Sunnier tomorrow with clear skies developing for a time before cloudier conditions in the west spread eastwards through tomorrow evening and overnight ahead of what looks like a cloudy day on Sunday with showers outbreaks of heavy rain, especially across the south and southeast of the country.

Further updates to follow….

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