New Pub Rules Over the Top – Stanley.

New Pub Rules Over the Top – Stanley.

Local Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley says that “The latest proposals regarding Restaurant / Pubs are over the top and the Government need to withdraw them.

The proposal to keep records of meals for twenty eight days is bureaucratic and completely disproportionate and will cause further difficulties for small businesses. There are already rules in place for pubs serving food and these need to be strictly enforced. The vast majority are complying with these and the small number who are not need to be cracked down on.

Pub Rules Over the Top – Stanley.

The public also have a role in this and I am urging members of the public to only use businesses that are complying. Everyone is aware of what the rules are regarding hygiene and social distancing etc and that’s what needs to be maintained. The Government now need to withdraw this latest hairbrain proposal.”