Mountmellick SummerFest News

Mountmellick SummerFest News

Mountmellick SummerFest News

Do you fancy yourself as a street artist? Now’s the chance for you to show what you’ve got.
Mountmellick Summerfest 2015 is holding a Pavement Art competition during the festival from May 29 to 31.
There will be three categories, primary school, secondary school and third level/adult, with prizes of cash / art materials (details to be confirmed).

Entry fee is 2 euro for primary, 3 euro for secondary and 4 for third level/adult. Artists must register with a Summerfest committee member, and will be given a designated spot. They can work on their pieces from Friday to Sunday (protection from weather must be organised by artist).
Judging on Sunday at 2pm.

Pieces can be completed in chalk or chalk pastels and must be washable.