Mountmellick Credit Union needs you

Mountmellick Credit Union needs you

“Raise Your Hand & Empower Your Community: Volunteering for Mountmellick Credit Union Board of Directors”

Mountmellick Credit Union Celebrates National Volunteering Week

Mountmellick Credit Union proudly joins the celebration of National Volunteering Week from May 20th to 27th, 2024. This week highlights the vital contributions of volunteers who help build and sustain our communities.

“As someone who’s been on the board for quite a while, I’ve learned that volunteering is more than just giving back-it’s about making our community stronger together. It’s like planting seeds of goodwill that grow into a garden of shared success, benefiting everyone in the long run.”

Mountmellick Credit Union are actively recruiting volunteers for their Board of Directors at the moment. Members and local are invited to explore volunteering opportunities within the credit union. Volunteers play a crucial role in Mountmellick Credit Union’s success, fostering a cooperative spirit and helping to ensure the continuation of excellent member services into the future.

For more information on how to get involved, visit Mountmellick Credit Union’s website.


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