Midweek Weather Forecast

Midweek Weather Forecast

Midweek Weather Forecast courtesy of Ireland’s Weather Channel




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Today was a rather pleasant day across many areas of the country, with good sunny spells and just the odd showers here and there during the middle of the day. The photo above was captured by Jo Tamplin, Rahman, Co.Offaly, capturing a perfect but rare example of a horizontal rainbow.

The good news on the weather front is that settled conditions are expected to dominate through Tuesday, Wednesday and the first half of Thursday, with the best of the sunshine likely in the east, the south and the Midlands, with western areas seeing some cloud, especially so on Wednesday.

Temperatures will also be recovering with afternoon highs reaching as high as 16 or even 17 degrees Celsius in some sunnier areas of the south and Midlands. Nighttime values will fall away under clear skies, with the outside chance of a ground frost.

On Thursday afternoon and into Friday a weak weather system will bring cloudier skies to many areas, and some outbreaks of rain at times. The rain will be heaviest in the west, with some eastern and southern areas escaping almost dry.

At present the weekend weather looks a little uncertain. The two main weather models are opposed to each other with the GFs indicating high pressure redeveloping and starting a very dry and settled spell, while the ECMWF indicates an area of low pressure will form close to Ireland and feed in some heavy rain from the east.

Both models are equally bullish in their predictions and have been for the past couple of days. With this in mind I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of the modes over the next couple of days. Here’s hoping the GFS wins out.

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