Local Enterprise Office News

Local Enterprise Office News

Local Enterprise Office has a space available on each of the following training courses, both taking place tomorrow. If you are interested in booking a place, please either book online or contact our office on 057 86 61800.

 T1553                      HOW TO GET PAID ON TIME

Date:                          3rd November

Time:                         9.45am – 4.45pm            (1 day)

Cost:                          €40


This course is aimed at small businesses to give grounding in basic principles of managing credit, both money owed and money owing. Deals with matters such as retention of title, how to make calls for collecting money, common problems and trying to avoid giving credit. Attending this course, you will realize the following benefits 1) you will ensure that the money owed to your company is not lost  2) you will gain confidence to make these calls 3) you will ensure that payments are kept up to date.

Local Enterprise Office Laois

Local Enterprise Office Laois is there to help!


T1558                      RETAIL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME

Dates:                        3rd November – 1st December

Time:                         9.45am – 4.45pm            (5 days)

Cost:                          Special Discount of €50 (normally €100)


The aim of this course is to give retailers new tools which will help them grow their sales and improve overall performance. This course will include one-to-one mentoring. The course is aimed at owners/managers of independent retail outlets in Laois. The course also covers People management skills to give the participants the required knowledge and skills to help maximize the performance of employees and effectively grow customer relationships.

The programme covers 1) Retail Management and Staff Management 2) Store Environment and buying 3)Analysing Trends and Planning 4) Retail Selling 5) Retail Administration