Life’s stories at the foot of the Slieve Blooms

Life’s stories at the foot of the Slieve Blooms

Paul Dunne, Lar Hogan and Peter Dooley have a mutual interest in local history and are proud to be living on the foothills of the Slieve Blooms. We met two years ago and decided to put together a project which we would try and organise a set of interviews with some of our parishes senior citizens. The purpose was to record their life stories and archive them before those stories and a way of life is lost forever.

It has been a great adventure, all our interviewees have given us a great welcome and have been so generous with their time and knowledge and we are very grateful for this. We could have interviewed so many people in the area as there is so much knowledge and history in every household and le cúnamh Dé we will do another set of interviews in the future with equally knowledgeably people from the area.

Life's stories from around the Slieve Blooms

Life’s stories from around the Slieve Blooms

The interviews we have conducted will be heard and seen by the present generation and by generations to come. They are an invaluable insight into rural life and a great history lesson to us all. All the proceeds from the project go to three charities and we think it is a lovely Christmas gift and is something that will stand the test of time.

Yours in history Peter Dooley,