Latest Laois News: Location of Mountrath Fire Station’s Drill Tower under fire

Latest Laois News: Location of Mountrath Fire Station’s Drill Tower under fire

Location of Mountrath’s ‘Drill Tower’ criticised at Laois County Council meeting

The positioning of Mountrath Fire Station’s new Drill Tower came in for a lot of criticism at the February meeting of Laois County Council. The four-storey fire tower training facility is a recent addition to a revamped Mountrath Fire Station.

Councillor Willie Aird was unequivocal about what needs to be done.

“…down that tower has to come. …Everyone can see it’s (location is ) wrong. It is a pity.”

Cllr. Aird was not beating about the bush about who was to blame.

“Blame the engineer that put it up (in its current location.)..”

The problem boils down to the fact that a local resident has the tower within 9/10 feet (less than 3 metres) of their front door. Local councillor James Kelly pointed out that the 30-metre high tower, used for training local fire brigade staff, is so close to neighbouring council maisonettes.

Councillor Conor Bergin asked whether Laois County Council could consult with the local residents who are affected by this issue. That would be appreciated by them if such an approach was taken according to Cllr. Bergin.

photo of fire tower
Positioning of fire tower training facility at Mountrath Fire Station an ongoing issue. Photo for illustrative purposes only.

Councillor John Joe Fennelly chimed in with his support for Councillor Kelly’s stance on the tower issue. Stating the issue was “terrible” Cllr. Fennelly called upon Laois County Council to go back and revisit this issue again.

In response the responding staff member from Laois County Council; Director of Services Simon Walton, took on the concerns of the councillors as follows:

” ..want to acknowledge the (councillors’ concerns). (Laois County Council) will have a look at it. Relocating it might not be a simple as it first appears (however)”.