Latest Laois Weather: Your Weather Forecast for Week

Latest Laois Weather: Your Weather Forecast for Week

Weather Forecast for week ending February 12

Monday, 6 February, 2023 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS remain similar to past reports, dry for most, small amounts of rain in west, temperatures not far from average, and occasional sunshine despite rather cloudy conditions; the cloud bases will often be high enough to allow some dim sunshine so it will be relatively bright.


TODAY will be mostly cloudy, a few outbreaks of drizzle near the west coast moving very gradually inland. Highs 8 to 10 C.

TONIGHT some light rain at times, becoming breezy near Atlantic coasts. Lows 3 to 6 C.

Forecasts for Ireland Courtesy of Irish Weather Online

TUESDAY morning cloud and drizzle ending, some afternoon sunny breaks developing. Highs 7 to 9 C.

WEDNESDAY increasing cloud, morning frosts, lows -2 to +2 C, afternoon highs 8 to 11 C. Some rain at times by evening into overnight.

THURSDAY clearing skies, lows 4 to 7 C and highs 7 to 10 C. Some rain could linger near north coast and cloud generally in parts of Ulster.

FRIDAY cloudy with a few breaks, milder, lows 3 to 6 C and highs 9 to 12 C.

SATURDAY mild, lows 1 to 5 C and highs 10 to 13 C.

SUNDAY little change, but slightly cooler nights will begin to show up in the inland south, lows -1 to +3 C, highs 9 to 12 C.

Latest weather forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page

The rest of next week looks quite mild with highs possibly edging into mid teens. It will remain settled but eventually the Atlantic will begin to pus some active fronts into the region and weaken the high pressure. The colder Russian high will remain near the Polish border region and the colder air masses will move steadily towards the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean this week and into mid-month.

photo of country road in laois ireland in good weather
Weather to remain very settled, cool and dry for coming week.