Latest Laois Weather: Your Christmas Weather Update

Latest Laois Weather: Your Christmas Weather Update

Latest Weather Forecast for Laois & surrounding counties

Friday, 22 December, 2023 __ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS … It will stay quite mild, and fairly dry until late Sunday 24th, then turn seasonably colder for both Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day. Most of the relatively small amount of rain expected will occur on Saturday, but more significant amounts will fall around 27 and 28 Dec. By then, total rainfall will amount to perhaps a near-normal amount for a week in late December. It will be relatively bright, sunshine could exceed normal values by 25 to 50 per cent. The week starting 29th will be colder at first, possibly turning milder after New Years.

Forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page


TODAY will be breezy to windy and mild, spotty drizzle or light rain near west coast, lows near 7 to 9 C and highs 10 to 12 C. Winds will slowly ease into a more moderate range of 50-70 km/hr.

TONIGHT will continue partly cloudy to overcast with spotty light rain and westerly breezes 40-60 km/hr, mild, lows 5 to 8 C.

SATURDAY will continue windy and mild, lows 7 to 9 C and highs near 12 C. An interval of rain could be rather heavy in some western counties briefly, but will tend to fragment to showers further east. Cloudy with a few breaks in south and east.

SUNDAY (24 Dec) will be mild, with variable amounts of cloud and a moderate westerly wind 50-80 km/hr. A few isolated showers are possible and more widespread rain may move in by afternoon, as a cold front passes. Lows near 6 C and highs 11 to 14 C. Turning a bit colder late in the day. The night of Christmas Eve will be partly cloudy with clear intervals, a fresh west to northwest wind at 40-70 km/hr, and a few blustery showers possible in north and west, lows 3 to 6 C for Christmas morning.

CHRISTMAS DAY will be partly cloudy with some pleasant sunny spells, a few passing showers over north and west could contain hail, but these will be rather brief and could just produce trace amounts further east (3-5 mm west). To see snow on Christmas Day, you might succeed in a few higher locations of west or north, but it would be just a light flurry and more likely hail than snow. Morning lows 3 to 6 C, afternoon highs 7 to 9 C. Winds west to northwest 40-70 km/hr but could be as strong as 60-90 km/hr in Ulster and north Connacht.

ST STEPHEN’S DAY will likely start out frosty in some eastern inland counties, with lows -2 to +2 C. Lows 3 to 5 C near west coast where cloud will arrive before morning, followed by rain. Increasing cloud during the day further east will lead to rain by afternoon or evening, with highs near 10 C. Winds light at first, becoming southeast to south 40-60 km/hr.

Latest weather forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online page

This rain will continue off and on through Wed 27th and Thurs 28th, with temperatures not far from 10 C, and moderate southwesterly winds 40 to 70 km/hr at times, at least in the south, which could become very windy at times (timing is unreliable this far out but latest maps now suggest late 28th into early 29th, a strong low could move through south-central Ireland … there may be potential for mixed wintry precipitation on higher ground in the north with this, but details won’t be clear for a few days yet. It may begin to turn a bit colder in all regions after that in a north-easterly flow between high pressure located northwest of Ulster, and low pressure now further south approaching southern Britain into the North Sea. This can be a wintry set-up if cold enough, but depth of cold air still looks marginal, better for sleety cold rain with sleet, snow on higher terrain perhaps. Around New Years some areas could clear with frosts at night. Beyond that, some indications of a return to milder and windy weather in first week to ten days of 2024.