Latest Laois Weather: Weekend Weather Update

Latest Laois Weather: Weekend Weather Update

Your weather for the coming weekend in Laois

Thursday, 21 September, 2023 __ Forecasts for Ireland

TRENDS remain same, cool for a couple more days then turning quite warm and muggy over the weekend and into most of next week, with fairly frequent rainfalls returning after a more showery interval that could be relatively dry in the south and east until mid-day Saturday. Some sunshine in the mix, a rather typical warm autumn pattern ahead.


TODAY will start out with bright skies in many parts, thicker cloud to be found near Donegal Bay and across north Ulster, moving into north Connacht and most of south Ulster later, but staying partly cloudy in many other regions. Rain may come and go with the northern cloud, but little to no rain is expected across the south, central and eastern counties, although a few afternoon sprinkles cannot be ruled out. Highs 14 to 16 C with moderate west-northwest breezes stronger near exposed coasts in west.

What has this weekend got in store on the weather front?

TONIGHT will be partly cloudy with isolated showers for most, sporadic light rain continuing in west and north, lows 6 to 9 C.

FRIDAY will be partly cloudy to sunny at times, some bands of showers likely making some inroads from Atlantic into midlands, again though largely dry for south and east, with highs 14 to 16 C.

photo of country road in laois ireland in good weather
Cooler, showery weather in store before weekend then muggy weather on way for the weekend

SATURDAY after a chilly start in east and north, rapidly warming to values similar to those already present under cloudier skies in south and west. Morning lows 1 to 4 C east and north, patchy ground frost possible in the usual low-lying valley districts. Lows 5 to 10 C under cloud further south and west. Becoming quite windy during the mid-day hours, southerly 50-70 km/hr, with higher gusts near coasts, intervals of rain but rather showery in nature, warmer and muggy, highs 17 to 19 C.

SUNDAY will continue rather warm and muggy with mostly cloudy skies, some brighter intervals, and sporadic rainfalls, in general a total weekend rainfall of 5-10 mm seems most likely. Winds not quite as strong from south-southwest 40-60 km/hr, lows near 10 C and highs near 18 C.

MONDAY and TUESDAY further Atlantic disturbances being spun off by decaying Nigel near Iceland, will bring further intervals of rain and occasional moderate to strong wind gusts from south to southwest, lows near 11 C and highs near 19 C.

Your forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online

This warmish, muggy weather will continue for several more days with a few more impulses in the train of weak frontal waves, similar temperatures, but eventually higher pressure may start to clear skies somewhat especially for the southeast as well as most of Britain, and it will stay relatively warm with a greater chance of overnight fog forming due to clearer skies.