Latest Laois Weather: This week’s Weather Forecast for Laois

Latest Laois Weather: This week’s Weather Forecast for Laois

Weather Outlook for Laois this coming week

Tuesday, 4 July, 2023 ___ Forecasts for Ireland

Courtesy of Irish Weather Online

TRENDS … Temperatures will average about 1 deg above normal as a warming trend sets in later in the week. Rather wet in western counties and rainfalls near average further east. Some sunshine at times but totals a bit below average by 25 per cent.


TODAY will start out generally dry with a few sunny breaks but cloud will increase by mid-day followed by widespread showers, highs 16 to 18 C.

TONIGHT will be partly cloudy to overcast with showers and lows near 8 C.

Unsettled weather on the cards for Laois. Your forecast courtesy of Irish Weather Online

WEDNESDAY will be partly cloudy to overcast, cool and breezy, with outbreaks of rain at times, highs 14 to 17 C.

THURSDAY partly cloudy to overcast, some dry intervals at first, then outbreaks of rain spreading into western counties, lows 5 to 8 C and highs 16 to 20 C.

FRIDAY warmer and more humid with outbreaks of rain, locally heavy and thundery, especially in western coastal regions, potential for 30-50 mm local downpours, continuing into the overnight period. Lows 10 to 13 C and highs 18 to 22 C. Blustery south winds 40-60 km/hr and possibly stronger near south coast.. Rain may hold off until late afternoon or evening in parts of Leinster and east Ulster.

SATURDAY further heavy showers and thunderstorms spreading further east, but also some longer dry spells in variable cloud; warm and humid, lows near 15 C and highs 19 to 22 C. Quite breezy at times, especially near south coast, south to southwest 30-50 km/hr. Showers likely more evenly distributed in all regions but could be heaviest in midlands.

photo of country road in laois ireland in good weather
Unsettled weather on the cards for Laois

SUNDAY partly cloudy, showers and isolated thunderstorms, somewhat fresher, lows near 12 C and highs 15 to 19 C. Southwest breezes more moderate but sometimes gusty, 30 to 50 km/hr.. An interval of heavy rain is possible later Sunday into early Monday, with an increase in wind speeds in southern and eastern counties to 50-70 km/hr.

Most of next week looks fairly close to average in terms of temperature and rainfall potential but the Atlantic will remain an active player until later in the month when there are faint signs now of a more settled last third of July.